Texas Bighorn Society

TBS is a non-profit organization dedicated to returning bighorn sheep to their native ranges
in Texas.  All money raised
from our gracious donors is
used exclusively for this goal. Please join us in our efforts by becoming a member today!

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Bighorn Sheep News

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  1. Valley Voice: Coachella Valley bighorn sheep see favorable time
    The Desert Sun
    Recent Valley Voice columns dealt with our community's signature animal: the Peninsular bighorn sheep. Many readers have responded and we at the Bighorn Institute are grateful for the interest. There's a lot more to know, so here's more of the story.

  2. Bighorn sheep fare well, lambs not so much
    Bismarck Tribune
    From Roosevelt's time in the 1880s, to the first decade of the 1900s, bighorn sheep in North Dakota did not fare well. Nor did any of the other big game species that inhabited the state. Bison, moose, elk and bighorn sheep were extirpated from the ...

  3. goHUNT.com (registration) (blog)

    California launches bighorn sheep health and disease study
    goHUNT.com (registration) (blog)
    What's going on with California's endangered Peninsular bighorn sheep? Over the past year, at least five have died from respiratory problems near La Quinta, California golf courses and the Coachella Valley Conservation Commission wants to know why.

  4. Speaker shares outdoor interests, bighorn sheep hunt
    Walla Walla Union-Bulletin
    He gave a slideshow of a bighorn sheep hunt in the Eagle Cap Wilderness with a tag holder from Pendleton. Before beginning the venture they first reviewed hunt parameters with a member of the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. The party got its ...

  5. OregonLive.com

    Judges say men caught with 3 bighorn sheep heads don't have to pay $25000 each
    The two friends were caught in April 2016 after a driver on Interstate 84 spotted one of them standing on a hillside over a dead bighorn sheep from a protected herd in the Columbia River Gorge in Gilliam County. Troopers found two black garbage bags ...