Texas Bighorn Society

TBS is a non-profit organization dedicated to returning bighorn sheep to their native ranges
in Texas.  All money raised
from our gracious donors is
used exclusively for this goal. Please join us in our efforts by becoming a member today!

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Fundraising Efforts for the Texas Bighorn Society


The Texas Bighorn Society raises money in a variety of different ways. Please take a moment to look through them all, perhaps there is a way we can help each other!


Annual membership dues help in the operational costs of the Texas Bighorn Society. All of our Officers and Directors donate their time, and we do not have a staff, however there are costs associated with the various things we need to stay running. For example this website, publications, mailing & postal fees, etc. Please make sure your membership is current! If you are not sure if your membership is current, just send an email to our President, Jerry Coburn, at president@texasbighornsociety.org or call at 806-745-7783. We do our best to take care of our members and are happy to talk with you any time.

Charitable Donations

Like most non-profit and conservation organizations, we receive charitable donations from members and non-members alike. Every little bit counts, so please consider giving a donation today.

Annual Roundup

Our annual Roundup is our largest fundraiser of the year. Proceeds from the auction at the Roundup provide a majority of our annual funding, by far making it the most important event we host. Many auction items are donated from outside organizations, members, companies, and friends of TBS. If you have ideas for auction items, or can donate auction items please visit the Roundup page, and get in touch with one of our Directors. Information and registration for the Roundup will be available approximately 2 months before the Roundup date.


TBS offers advertising opportunities in our tri-annual magazine, Bighorn, and on our website. Advertising for both mediums is reasonably priced and is designed to not only offset the production costs of each, but to give companies and organizations the opportunity to reach out to the diverse membership that make up the Texas Bighorn Society. We reserve the right to refuse advertising content, however, we will work with you to come up with appropriate content. For advertising rates and information, please contact our Treasurer, Kathy Boone, at treasurer@texasbighornsociety.org