TBS Custom 22 Creedoor Rifle Raffle


$50 each – 300 tickets to be sold. TBS Custom 22 Creedmoor Rifle

Discover the pinnacle of custom rifle craftsmanship with Horizon Firearms’ latest masterpiece: the Texas Bighorns Society 22 Creedmoor Rifle. Engineered to perfection, this rifle boasts the cutting-edge 22 Creedmoor caliber, now SAMMI-approved, housed within a 22-inch Proof Research barrel. Crafted for precision and durability, it features an IOTA carbon fiber stock, HS bottom metal, and Stiller Actions. Embedded with the spirit of the Texas Bighorn Society, each rifle proudly displays its emblem, accentuated by a unique bolt knob crafted from an authentic Texas Big Horn horn. Elevate your shooting experience with this exceptional blend of innovation and heritage from Horizon Firearms. This is Serial number TBS0004.  Bipod NOT Included.

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Dimensions 144 × 56 × 74 in