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Work Project 2022 – Click here to sign up

The Texas Bighorn Society invites all members to our annual Work Project to participate in hands on conservation for desert bighorn sheep in Texas.

*** You must be a TBS member to take part in our work project***




Date:   To Be Determined

Where:  To Be Determined

The Plan  To Be Determined

What Do I Bring:   Bring some plumbing tools, digging tools, drill batteries and whatever else you think we might be able to use.

Accommodations:   To Be Determined

Clothing:   It is impossible to know what the weather will do. In years past we have had snow and we have had 90-degree heat. Come prepared- bring your hat, gloves, and                               sunscreen.

This is a remote desert area, and the possibilities of life-threatening injuries exist.  Volunteers should be in good physical condition and comfortable hiking in rugged                       terrain.

Food:   Meals will be provided beginning Friday morning though Saturday evening.  We always need assistance with meal preparations, so if you would like to volunteer, please contact us at 806-745-7783 or e-mail

Register:   Please, Please, Please—In order to have an accurate headcount for meals, we need to know if you are coming.  To register call 806-745-7783.

                  ***Deadline to register is yet to be determined***

 General Membership Meeting:   The membership meeting is yet to be determined. Following the meeting will be an auction, lots of fun, good food, and                                             fellowship.


Work Projects – Bighorn Sheep Conservation

The founders, members, directors and officers of the Texas Bighorn Society believe in hard work. Unlike other conservation organizations, we ask our members to put their sweat AND money where their mouth is. Every year we host a Work Project where we ask all our members to gather in the Desert Mountains of West Texas and build or repair a guzzler (or two or three).

The guzzlers are a rain-water collection and storage system that gives the Bighorn Sheep (and other wildlife in the Chihuahuan Desert) an oasis high on the mountain. One good West Texas storm will fill the tanks, which can last for an entire season. We’ve worked closely with Texas Parks & Wildlife over the past 20 years to build and perfect these guzzlers, and so far, it seems to be doing the job. We’ve heard positive feedback from scientists and wildlife rangers that monitor the drinkers.

We invite you to Join TBS, roll up your sleeves, and participate in some hands-on conservation work. After a weekend on the mountain with this group, you’ll understand why this group is so important and so special to Texas.

Growing the Herd